Dear Survivor,

Welcome to November First




At Beautiful Self we understand the grueling process of a life impacted by breast cancer.

All to often the social, psychology, physical and sexual ramifications of life during and after breast cancer treatment wreak havoc on the feminine psyche.

The devastating result, a woman who no longer feels whole and hides away in a world she once flourished in.

We believe a woman’s positive self worth is the crucial element to how she contributes to the world around her.

At Beautiful Self our cofounders, photographer Michele Bonacorte and Beauty Expert/Survivor Jillian Veran Rezo create an experience that will initiate a personal revelation to self love.

Their unique formula of friendship, artistic vision and high-energy creativity provide an atmosphere of trust, laughter and excitement.

Using their extensive professional talents they peel back the layers of insecurity and self-doubt until a metamorphosis takes place. 

This powerful and often emotional transformation is documented through unapologetic images that live forever. They are a permanent reminder of your determination and exquisiteness in the face of adversity. 

More importantly, it is the blissful experience of feeling invigorated in a body you are rediscovering and learning to accept. 

 Let us show you your beautiful self...