The List Whisperer Beth Ricca

Jillian Veran Rezo is an internationally acclaimed beauty authority, creative director and make up artist with 30 years experience working with some of the biggest names and brands in the industry. A breast cancer survivor Jillian parlayed her passion and talent to her sisters in arms. Her greatest desire, to empower any woman in need to rediscover their true and beautiful self.

Videographer  Christianne Catucci

Michele Bonacorte taps her vast experience as a fashion model to encourage the women of our project to be themselves in front of the camera. By peeling back layers of doubt to reveal exalted beauty her mission is to support a dormant spirit. Using specialized glamour  photography she captures the joyful emergence of self, while professing her artistic vision of the liberated face of cancer.  


Having experienced a session herself, Beth volunteers managing, scheduling and corresponding with the women on our wait list. She is a two time survivor who understands the significance of our mission.

Laurelle volunteers to guide session participants after experiencing a session. As a ground floor participant she assists with any questions or referrals. 

Liasion Laurelle Ivey

Our hair styling team have experience with the varied degrees ones hair experiences during and after treatment. No hair, new hair, hair  we are master manipulators of style.

hair Stylist Kara Nieves

Beauty Authority Jillian Rezo

Photographer Michele Bonacorte